Thank you for your interest in our healing services.  Due to the COVID 19 outbreak we have reopened with some restrictions.  Your well being is important to us and so we ask that you wait for us to bring you in to the clinic and you will be escorted directly into the treatment room.  If this is you first visit with us, please go to the forms page and download our intake forms - this will minimize  your waiting time so that we may attend to you right away. We also ask that if you have been feeling ill, are running a temperature, have a cough, sore throat,  or  experiencing shortness of breath, please dial 211 or go to the ER.  Also expect us to take your temperature before you are admitted to coming in.  In addition, please plan on wearing a facemask and use hand sanitizer or wash your hands prior to coming into the treatment room.  Lastly, please try setting up a VenMo or PayPal account prior to coming in; this lessens the need for extra touching.  Thanks for your understanding and making this a safer place of healing.


If you're looking to naturally enhance your health and take care of your body, you've come to the right place.

We are conveniently located in bustling "South O" and have been offering a modern approach to acupuncture and

Oriental Medicine; including Chinese herbal remedies, cupping, Tui Na (a type of therapeutic massage), dietary and lifestyle recommendations to the coastal communities of Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista since 2002.

We enjoy treating all ages for various and sundry complaints including:

  • Acute and chronic pain – headaches, migraines, neck, back and joint pain, osteo arthritis, neuropathies, etc.
  • Anxiety, stress, heart palpitations and insomnia
  • Autoimmune disorders including: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, etc.
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Digestive complaints including: GERD, indigestion, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.
  • Pediatrics including ADD & ADHD, colic, fevers, etc.
  • Respiratory; allergies, uncomplicated asthma, sinusitis, and bronchitis
  • Skin disorders including: eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis 
  • Women’s Health; PMS, birth preparation, menopause, postpartum syndromes, hot flashes, and difficult menses.
  • Men’s Health: BPS, impotence, urinary difficulty

To get in touch with us, just click on "Contact Us" and send us a message ; we'd be happy answer your questions.