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Last updated 7/12/2016

What's New at Bailey Haun Acupuncture Clinic Encinitas?

We are now offering acupuncture out calls catering to Carlsbad, Encinitas and Oceanside. Contact Dan at (760) 803-6725 for more information.

We are also now offering facial cupping which helps to increase blood circulation to the skin and muscles, decrease sinus pressure, and relax facial muscles to relieve jaw pain. A light lotion is applied to the face and small, smooth cups are carefully glided over the skin. Each session is combined with acupuncture as well as neck and shoulder cupping and costs $70. These appointments are available Wednesdays and Fridays. Please contact Anne (760) 586-6230



We provide, acupuncture a form of alternative medicine, including: Chinese Herbal remedies, Tui Na (a type of therapeutic massage), dietary and lifestyle  instructions. 

We have been in practice since 2002; not only are we great at treating pain, we also address a wide variety of health issues for women, men, and children.

If you have a chronic condition, (such as asthma, migraines, back and neck pain), where nothing else has worked, then try acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Results are usually seen in 1-5 treatments but may take more time given the condition.

For a more in depth discussion of what we might be able to help you with, please click onto the following link: Get relief for acute and pain, internal conditions such as: PMS, menopause poor digestion asthma and more....

Is acupuncture safe?  Yes, we use very fine sterilized and disposable needles.

Is acupuncture painful? No, acupuncture is painless. What's more, it is super relaxing where most patients feel refreshed after their treatment.

We accept insurance!

An increasing number of insurance companies are offering acupuncture benefits (for acute and chronic pain, nerve pain and nausea) and we strive to work with some of them; this includes health insurance, worker's comp, auto insurance and . We will be happy to verify your coverage with your insurance company.



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